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Storage and Preparation Centre (CAP)

Approved facility for storing, shredding, granulating or any other form of recovery of ELTs obtained from selective collection at generation points, after sorting at a CRC.

Collection and Sorting Centre (CRC)

Approved facility for collecting, temporarily storing and sorting ELTs collected from Used Tyre Generation Points (PG).

Solid Recovery Fuel (SRF)

Solid fuel obtained from waste. In this particular case, the solid recovered fuel is derived from end of life tyres, in accordance with technical standard CEN/TS15359.

End of Life Tyre Management

The collection, storage, transportation, recovery and disposal of tyre waste, including the supervision of such operations and the after-care of disposal sites.

End of Life Tyre Manager

Any individual or company who performs end of life tyre management operations and holds the relevant authorsation.

End of Life Tyres (ELT)

Tyres that have become waste in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.a) of Law 22/2011, 28 July, on Waste and Contaminated Land.

Used Tyres (UT)

Tyres which have been replaced on a vehicle and which normally arise at the fitting station.

Reusable Used Tyres (RUT)

Used tyres which, following professional and qualfiied inspection at a CRC, may be retreaded or fitted directly on a vehicle for further use in accordance with applicable legislation.

Monthly Collection Order (MCO)

Maximum quantity to be collected by a Designated Collector (DC) during a given month from all their allocated zones. This is a management instrument enabling SIGNUS to draw up a monthly activity programme with the Designated Collector (DC).


A generator of end of life tyres or the person/company who holds them but is not a designated end of life tyre manager.

Used Tyre Generation Point (GP)

A person or company who, in the course of their business or any other activity, generates used tyres. Users and owners of the vehicles from which the tyres are taken are not considered generation points.

Designated Collector (DC)

Companies selected and contracted by SIGNUS which hold the required authorisations in the region where they operate and which specialise in the networked collection of used tyres (UT) to achieve maximum reuse of the tyres by selling them on the second-hand or retreading markets.


Process consisting essentially of the replacement of the tread on a used tyre whose carcass is still in sufficiently good condition for reuse, in accordance with current legislation and technical standards.


Any substance or object included in one of the categories set out in the Annex to Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Land and which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard. This includes all waste listed in the European Waste Catalogue (EWC), approved by the Community Institutions.


A limited and not-for-profit company responsible for the integrated management system for end of life tyres, in accordance with Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Land and Royal Decree 1619/2005, 30 December, on end of life tyre management. As a commercial company it is subject to the principle of freedom of contracts and the provisions of Private Law.

Integrated Management System for end of life tyres

The overall set of relationships, procedures, mechanisms and actions which - following approval by the authorities of the region in which they are undertaken and subject to their supervision - are conducted by tyre producers, in combination with other shared responsibility instruments, to guarantee the correct management of end of life tyres.


Any company that uses end of life tyres in its production processes to harness their material or energy resources.