Correct management of waste tyres is not limited to the collection of the end of life tyres and delivery to treatment facilities. Beyond processing, it also involves developing and promoting new applications not just to open new markets capable of absorbing larger quantities of materials obtained from treatment of the tyres but also to increase the value added of the materials.


The main lines of work and conclusions of the projects and studies undertaken by Signus are described in the sections that follow. To the extent that commitments acquired with third parties are not breached, SIGNUS is open to cooperation with all stakeholders who may be interested in collaboration on these and other issues, provided the appropriate agreements are concluded and such agreements are not incompatible with the confidentiality obligations arising out of participation in previous projects. 




SIGNUS Market Development policy

In its approach to management, SIGNUS will take into account the need to diversify recovery outlets, fostering those offering the greatest potential for development and the greatest benefits in terms of reducing management costs.

SIGNUS undertakes at all times to develop applications or facilities of all kinds which are in line with its stated objectives, while also undertaking to provide the human and economic resources required to achieve these objectves.

Prior to taking decisions on such issues, SIGNUS will give consideration to all new recovery approaches concerning facilities, applications and new proposals for use.

It is also SIGNUS policy to support, through its know how, any stakeholder who requests assistance, provided that in so doing it does not breach previously-acquired commitments towards third parties, including confidentiality.